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Your Guide To Cuts Of Beef

Your Guide To Cuts Of Beef

Do you find yourself asking questions like:

  • Is a striploin the same as a sirloin?
  • Are a filet mignon and a tenderloin different?
  • Which cut is the most tender?

Well don't worry! We've put together this guide for you, so you can choose the right cut of beef for your pallet and for each recipe you want to try.

Cuts Of Beef Chart

There are 8 main cuts of beef. Those 8 cuts get further divided into the specific cuts you're probably used to ordering online. Even if you aren’t familiar with the specific cut, knowing the general region each cut comes from can give you a clue to its taste and tenderness!

Beef Cut Tenderness Tip

Always remember, a steer’s most used muscles are its legs and its neck. Any cuts from those regions are likely to be tougher than cuts from the steer's centre.

Chuck Beef

The chuck cuts come from the shoulder, a well used muscle. These cuts can be tough, but with long, slow cooking methods they can also be incredibly flavourful.

  • How to cook: Slow cook, braise, stew 
  • Look for: Ground chuck, chuck roast

Rib Beef

These tender cuts make up the ribs and backbone. These cuts usually include lots of delicious, flavourful fat marbling. One of the most famous tender and rich flavoured steaks from this cut of beef is the Ribeye! 

  • How to cook: Dry-heat cooking, grill, pan-sear
  • Look for: Ribeye steaks, cowboy steaks


Although brisket comes from the breast, a muscle that gets a lot of action, if cooked properly it's actually one of the most delicious, melt-in-your-mouth beef experiences you can have! 

  • How to cook: Tenderize with a rub, cook it low and slow
  • Look for: Brisket

Beef Loin

Located at the top of the steer, behind the rib, these cuts are known for being intensely tender. The loin cuts are divided into two types based on their location:

Since it's a point of confusion for even seasoned steak lovers, it's worth noting that the filet mignon is a steak cut from the smaller end of the tenderloin roast. Essentially, a filet mignon and a tenderloin are one and the same. 

Other Cuts Of Beef

Here are the other 4 cuts of beef to consider:

Short Plate: 

These cuts are from the front belly of the cow, just below the ribs. Cut against the grain and braise to get the most out of these tougher cuts like skirt steak and short ribs.


The meat from the forearm is one of the toughest cuts, which makes it perfect for soups and stews. 


This lean cut from below the loin is flavourful but tough, best marinated before grilling. 


These lean rump cuts, like eye of round and sirloin tip, are best roasted, sliced thin and against the grain.

How To Choose The Right Cut Of Beef

Some beef lovers prefer a steak so tender they don’t need a knife, like a filet mignon. Some like a bit of chew to their meat. Some prefer the richer beef flavour a ribeye offers.

Before you decide on a cut, ask yourself how you're cooking your beef?

Best Beef Cuts For Cooking Low & Slow

Go with a tougher cut, like chuck or brisket, that will benefit from the tenderizing

Best Beef Cuts For Grilling?

A more tender cut like a striploin or a ribeye does well with high, dry heat.

Ordering The Best Cuts Of Beef

Overall, if you aren't ordering your beef from a high quality provider like us at Farm2Fork you may never experience the taste and texture you're looking for.

So don't wait, shop our famous selection of premium beef cuts now and get delivery to your door!

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