AAA Aged 28 Days Center Cut Striploin Steaks

10 Steaks


Striploin is a lean cut with just enough marbling to satisfy the steak snobs. Aging brings out the full beefy flavour.

Perfect for: Grilling when you have real friends over. (This is not the kind of meat you waste on work colleagues.)

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  • 10 steaks
  • 340 g (12 oz) per steak

*Weights may vary


  1. Dianne F.

    We are impressed about everything we have tried, but if we weren’t convinced, the first time we barbecued the AAA Aged 28 days center Cut Striploin Steaks, we knew this is where we would continue to buy. They were tender and delicious and my first time to barbecue steak that turned out perfect. The price is reasonable but exceptional quality. The organic chicken breasts are excellent and I used the top sirloin steaks for pepper steak and it was very tender. I would definitely recommend.

  2. Josee Veitch

    Ordered these steaks and were tender, juicy and enough fat to give you flavour. They are nice and thick so you can easily get a nice med rare cook on them.

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