Fundraising Made Easy

We at Farm2Fork know fundraising dollars are key to many schools, clubs, teams, charities, and organizations budgeting success.

We’re also aware how much time and planning goes into each dollar raised, and we know it’s a large effort that often falls to a small group of already busy volunteers and staff.

Our Farm2Fork fundraising program offers a wining fundraising scenario – meeting the needs of all involved – and helping fulfill financial goals.

Fundraising Offer

What you get:

  • 15 percent of gross sales made through the fundraiser we set up for you.
  • Ready-made promotional social media posts and email marketing materials.

Avoid stress:

  • No administration – no order forms, no money collecting, no distribution / delivery.
  • No recruiting – our team does all the work so you don’t have to ask parents, students, or staff to help.
  • No risk –no expenses to you, and we provide a post-fundraiser report to meet financial transparency requirements.
  • No time-of-year restrictions – we can start your fundraiser at any time.

Product you can stand behind:

If you raise money by selling a product you want to make sure that it's a product you can stand behind. With our product your purchasers will be getting great, ethically produced food, free from fillers – and free from any add-on cost – while you’ll get 15 percent of their order, with an average order size of nearly $400 (that's an average of $60 for a single order)

With 500+ five-star Google reviews, we take customer service seriously. So seriously, that owner Derek Firth bought Farm2Fork after being a satisfied customer. In other words, you can know those who purchase during your fundraiser will be satisfied for the long term!

Benefit the community:

As an organization that gives back to the community you can find comfort in the fact that each order you drive will benefit local farms, producers, and packers we partner with.

Start Fundraising:

It's as easy as 1-2-3...

  1. Sign up: Complete our quick form.
  2. Share: Spread the word about your fundraiser using the ready-built tools we give you
  3. Earn: Get 15% back on all gross sales within your fundraiser

Have questions?

Great! Give us a call at 1 (888) 509-1164 or email us at


Who can use Farm 2 Fork Fundraising?

We want to help all non profits! – All schools, sports teams, community groups and any other non-profit organization will earn 15% on every sale made through their unique Farm 2 Fork Zero Cost Zero Contact Fundraising Link.

How does Farm 2 Fork Zero Cost Zero Contact Fundraising work?

We set you up with a fundraising link AND promo code just for your organization. When anyone makes a purchase through your link or with the promo code, your group will earn 15% of that sale.

How do I get started?

Click here to complete the short sign-up form and we will have your promo code and URL emailed to you within one business day (at most). We will also contact you to answer all questions.

Is Farm 2 Fork Fundraising available everywhere?

Our fundraising program is curently available in and around Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto.

Who and where can I share my link for people to purchase through our fundraiser?

You can share your link with anyone! 

Is there a cost to Farm 2 Fork Fundraising?

There is never a cost to you and absolutely no minimum.

How long can our Farm 2 Fork Fundraiser run for?

There is absolutely no time limit though we do find that time limited campaigns get better results.

Is there anyone to help me with promotion of our Farm 2 Fork Fundraiser?

We will provide you with a fundraising introductory letter and a few social media post templates.

How do I promote my Farm 2 Fork Fundraiser?

You can share your fundraiser promo code or link on your organization website as well as on all of your social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc) and your email list or newsletter. You can also have your supporters and their friends and family post and share your group's fundraiser on their social media too. The larger the reach, the more your organization will earn.

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