The Best Meat Seasoning Guide

Is your spice rack a daunting site? Are you a new cook who doesn't even have a spice rack? Are you unsure which seasoning goes best with each type of meat?

Don't worry! We at Farm2Fork have put together a seasoning guide, so you can prepare all of our premium meats perfectly every time!

Beef & Steak Seasoning

If you’re like so many of us, you probably just reach for the generic “steak spice” to season your striploin. But you owe it to yourself to branch out. Beef has its own powerful flavour, so the spices you select should be able to hold their own. Here are a few seasoning options we suggest:

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

This is the simplest possible seasoning, but one of the best. Pink Himalayan sea salt is less briny and intense than other table or sea salts, so its primary function is to intensify the beef’s own flavour. The trick is to press the salt into the meat about half an hour before cooking.


These spices are pungent on their own but pack a powerful flavour punch when paired with beef. Dried versions work best in a dry rub, while fresh minced varieties work in a liquid marinade.


This lemony herb can really round out the strong earthy flavour profile of beef. It adds depth and balance, without hiding the natural flavours of the meat. Combine dried thyme with the oft-overlooked sage and a pinch of garlic for a fantastic herb crust.

Chicken Seasoning

Chicken is almost a blank slate for seasoning. It doesn’t have an overpowering flavour of its own, so it pairs well with almost anything. However, that doesn’t mean that anything goes - some spices are better than others for cooking up delicious chicken. Here are a few seasonings we suggest trying:


Rosemary can help develop a distinct woodsy flavour in your chicken that can truly enhance its taste. A little rosemary goes a long way, so make sure to sprinkle lightly.

Lemon Peel

Lemon and chicken are the PB and J of the meat world. The bright citrus flavour of a lemon works deliciously with the mild poultry taste of chicken.

To season with lemon, simply place fresh lemon slices on your chicken breast or thighs before cooking, and squeeze a little extra lemon juice over your dish before serving for a subtle and satisfying flavour.

Smoked Paprika

This smoky and vibrant spice perfectly pairs with chicken. It instantly adds a distinct flavour that will perk up your taste buds!

Pork Seasoning

Pork is technically a white meat, although it has a much stronger natural flavour than other white meats like chicken. That's why the trick to seasoning pork is not to necessarily add flavour, but to find spices that bring out either the sweet and savoury sides of it. Here are just a few seasoning options we suggest:


Not just for holiday cooking! Similar to cinnamon, allspice compliments the sweet side of pork perfectly. A little goes a long way here, so season lightly.


This warm and earthy spice helps to bring out pork’s gentler side. It also happens to be delicious on potatoes, a common pork pairing. Sprinkle dried sage in olive oil and coat your pork lightly before cooking.


Sharp and tangy, mustard intensifies the savoury profile of pork. Ground mustard also works well in both dry rubs and liquid marinades.

Choosing Quality Meat

There's more to flavour than seasonings - you need high quality meat that already has great taste!

Don't wait, shop our premium meats now, and try our seasoning tips above for your next big dinner!

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