(Chicken) Breast is Best!

(Chicken) Breast is Best!

When it comes to meat, chicken breast gets an unfair reputation.

Far from being bland and boring, chicken breast can be flavourful and fulfilling. In fact, the argument could even be made that BREAST is BEST!

Chicken breast has more fat than red meat

Chicken breast actually contains up to three times more polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fat than red meat – but that’s good! Unsaturated fat is healthy fat. It helps with muscle movement and blood clotting, among other things. Combine all these good fats with a big dollop of protein, vitamin, iron, and zinc, and chicken breasts pack a healthy punch!

Turns out, that famous sleep-inducing compound found in your holiday turkey is also present in chicken and other poultry. Chicken breast is full of tryptophan, which research suggests acts as a natural antidepressant.

Chicken breast is delicious

Boneless, skinless chicken breasts are easy to spice, marinate, grill, bake, or fry. The lean white meat is adaptable and easy-going, perfect for a quick weeknight meal or a fancy date night dinner. 

Case in point: here are three mouth-watering recipes featuring the best kind of breast – chicken!

  • Jamie Oliver’s pastry pesto chicken combines the perfect flaky crust with tender chicken bursting with pesto flavour. 
    • Perfect for: impressing the heck out of your date.
  • Chicken breast shines in this curry dish packed with spices and flavour. An essential dish for any home cook!
    • Perfect for: making Mondays (or, really, any day) something to look forward to.
  • A seasonal cider glaze is perfect for fall – simple but stunningly flavourful combined with juicy chicken. 
    • Perfect for: fully embracing your love of all things autumn. 

Chicken breast is healthy, makes you happy, and tastes heavenly. Don’t be fooled into thinking chicken breast is boring – breast is clearly best!

Buy chicken breast online and experience the BEST!

These breasts are guaranteed to be juicy, tender and full of flavour.

Perfect for: Literally anything. Really.

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