4 Fun Family Thanksgiving Traditions to Start This Year

This year, Thanksgiving may look a little different
than we are used to.

That means that this is the perfect year to start fun new traditions! There is no reason Thanksgiving can’t be awesome just because it’s 2020.

Kids in the Kitchen

Kids love making a mess in the kitchen. Why not embrace it? Get them involved in some low-stakes recipes, like making the stuffing for the bird. This recipe is perfect for younger kids.

As the kids get older, encourage them to put their own spin on the recipe and get adventurous. 

(Psst, still need a bird to be stuffed? Why not try a delicious whole chicken!)

The Thanksgiving Tablecloth

Believe it or not, even in 2020 we all have something to be thankful for. Buy a plain white tablecloth and some coloured fabric markers. Have everyone write down at least one thing they are thankful for before the table is set. Every year bust out the same tablecloth (after a wash on the gentle cycle of course) and re-read all those heartfelt notes.

DIY Décor

This is a great way to get people out of your kitchen. Send everyone outside to gather up acorns, pinecones, foliage, and any other creative outdoor items they can find to decorate the table. Make things a little more interesting by having a competition for the best centrepiece – take a photo of the winner (and losers!) every year for the memory vault.

Turkey Trot

Turkey makes everyone sleepy. Get energy levels back up and make room for dessert by going for an after-dinner turkey trot. Walk, waddle, or skip – make things fun by encouraging everyone to be a little goofy.

Still need to order a Thanksgiving main course?

Our turkeys are sold out! However, we still have you covered.

Since you will probably be having a smaller-than-usual gathering this year, a delicious whole chicken (or two) will be the perfect poultry for your Thanksgiving meal. 

If you need a turkey (arguably the most important “tradition” of all!), Farm 2 Fork has you covered.

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