Whole Chickens

5 Chickens


This chicken is a whole lot of delicious! Our premium whole chickens are sourced from certified humane poultry farms, so you can dig in to this full-meal-deal guilt free.

Perfect for: A whole and wholesome meal.

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  • 5 chickens
  • Avg. 1.3 kg (3 lbs) per chicken

*Weights may vary


  1. Michael C.

    My fiancée and I have been ordering our meat for almost a year now from Farm2Fork and we have had nothing but great experiences. We started by just ordering the beef variety pack, and that lead us to fall absolutely in love with their beef roasts, they are amazing. We love their whole chickens and we also just recently started ordering our chicken breast from there too. We love the meat and to be honest the service is just as good. Fast delivery and they even check to make sure you don’t need fresh eggs from the truck. Awesome food and excellent service!

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