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3 Indulgent Meals to Enjoy This Year

3 Indulgent Meals to Enjoy This Year

This year, make your holiday meal one to remember.

How many years have you smiled politely as you choked back your great-aunt’s green bean casserole - the same one she insists on bringing every year - at your holiday dinner? How many times have you stared wistfully at a plate full of sides and fillers, and wished for something more memorable to feature in the festive feast?

This is the year to change that. Take advantage of a smaller gathering to make an indulgent, meaty meal to remember; something that you’ll talk about with relish in years to come.

Trust us, you deserve this.

Hot Stone Filet Mignon

Your ancestors didn’t need fancy appliances or cooking gadgets to make delicious meals. One of the oldest known cooking techniques is hot stone cooking. The method is simple - a special stone is heated to a very high temperature and your meal is cooked on the stone - but the results are incredible.

Cooking on a hot stone means your food is heated evenly, so it cooks your steak to the perfect level of doneness. Hot stones don’t need any additional fat or oil to crowd the flavour of your steak - so all you taste is pure beefy goodness. And the seared crust you can achieve from a hot stone is absolutely divine.

The novelty of using a hot stone to cook your holiday meal will add a fun new twist to this delicious dinner. Season your steak with Himalayan pink salt and prepare a simple-but-delicious herbed butter for a truly decadent beef experience.

Psst: The AAA 28-day aged tenderloin is the perfect cut for a hot stone.

Pairing Land and Sea

The classic surf-and-turf pairing is a staple of any upscale steakhouse for a reason - it is the best of both worlds. If you’re new to cooking lobster at home, it’s easier than you think! A simple recipe like this one will result in perfectly buttery lobster tails and perfectly juicy filet mignon.

If you want to try something even more sumptuous, consider preparing a delicious bernaise sauce with your meal.

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The Ultimate Luxury Steak

What better time to enjoy the legendary deliciousness of Japanese A5 Wagyu than the holidays? Wagyu beef is truly one of the most decadent meats you can savour.

Cooking wagyu can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. The life changing taste and texture of this meat demands super simple seasonings and lots of time to enjoy every bite. Seriously, this meat is unlike anything else you’ve ever tasted.

Try real Japanese A5 Wagyu for the ultimate indulgent holiday meal.

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