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How could you possibly choose between luscious wild-caught cold-water Canadian lobster, and buttery 28-day aged AAA filet mignon bursting with beefy flavour? There is no need to make such an impossible choice. Get the absolute best of land and sea on your plate at the same time, and revel in every delicious bite.

Perfect for: turning indecisiveness into deliciousness. 

Wild-Caught Canadian Lobster Tails

What is more decadent than a lustrous lobster tail, cooked to perfection and dipped in melted butter? Absolutely nothing.

These tails come from wild-caught cold water Canadian lobsters. They are completely natural, free of preservatives and additives, so all you get is that unmistakable luscious Atlantic Canada lobster flavour.

Perfect for: Treating yourself any day of the week. You deserve it.

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AAA Aged 28 Days Filet Mignon Steaks

An aged filet mignon is just the right amount of fancy: impressive buttery texture, chalk full of balanced beef flavour.

Perfect for: Serving on the good china with equally good company.

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  • 10 AAA aged 28 days tenderloin steaks 156 g (5.5 oz) per steak
  • 2 wild-caught Canadian lobster tails 140-170 g (5-6 oz) per tail

*Weights may vary


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