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Natural Starts With How Each Animal Is Raised

Our Naturally Raised Collection: Canadian, raised without antibiotics and no added hormones, grass-fed and certified organic meats raised the way nature intended. None of our suppliers use deceptive tricks like injecting water or brine to get that juicy taste, and all chicken is air-chilled for less water retention (8-10% less water, to be precise).

  • Cage-free, carefree

    The quintessential pastoral farm scene wouldn’t be complete without, well, a pasture. Our suppliers believe in raising their animals where the sun shines. Freedom is delicious!

  • Your meat shouldn’t eat meat

    A high quality vegetarian diet of grass or local grains makes for a happy, healthy animal and a true wholesome flavor.

  • More flavour, less filler

    Who are we to mess with perfection? Meat that comes from animals raised without the use of antibiotics or added hormones is as nutritious as Mother Nature designed.