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Your Valentine's Day Dinner Guide

Your Valentine's Day Dinner Guide

Make Your Valentine's Day at Home Special

Your home is likely a haven full of loving memories. That couch in the corner? First awkward kiss together. The bed? Endless snuggly naps. What better reason, aside from the mandate, to have a Valentine's date at home!

The trick is to transform your common space into a new little slice of heaven.

Romance can be found in the planning, the settings, and the food!

Set The Date

It is important to treat this night differently than other nights, even if it is happening in the same room you did the dishes in last night.

Pretending isn't just for kids and it can be a playful way to make the night special.

Set the date in advance with your Valentine(s) and agree to meet, dressed to impress, in the dining area at a specific time. Don't be late!

Set The Mood

The ambiance is what will make or break the scene. Go for dim flickering candlelight, flowers, soft smooth saxophones, your grandmother's special china... you get the idea.

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