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Which Ground Beef Is Best?

grass fed beef from steer in ontario


which ground beef is best?

Much of the ground beef that is available in grocery stores is grain finished beef that comes from cows. Farm 2 Fork ground beef, on the other hand, is grass fed beef that comes from steers!

Grass Fed Beef Vs Grain Fed Beef

Grain Finished Cows 

Grain finished cows will start out eating grass and are then sent to a feedlot. On the feedlot, they are fed a steady diet of grains. For ruminants like cows, grains are like candy and ice cream to their system. Delicious, fattening, and not so nutritious. The grain diet fattens them up quickly, so they can be sent to slaughter faster.

Grass Fed Cows

Grass fed cows as you can imagine, are not fed grain. They start and end their lives eating grass out in the pasture. As a result of all the variety in the animal’s diet, grass fed beef contains a more complex flavour profile.

Cow Beef Vs Steer Beef

What about beef that comes from cows vs steers? Also, which one does the grass fed ground beef in Ottawa come from?

Steer Beef

Steer beef is from a "steer", which is a male animal under 30 months old.

Cow Beef

Cow beef is from a "cow", which is a female that has given birth to a calf.

Which Is Best?

All the best quality steaks come from steer meat, so it makes sense that ground beef from steer meat is similarly superior quality.

Grass fed ground beef from steers is deliciously lean and oh-so-flavourful. It packs an incredibly powerful beefy flavour punch right to the taste buds. Grass fed ground beef from steers can truly stand alone as the main attraction at dinner.

Where's The Best Grass Fed Ground Beef In Ontario & Quebec?

At Farm 2 Fork we source our Grass Feed Ground Beef from steers directly from the rolling hills of Ontario. It's 100% the best beef on the market!

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