4 Dinner Recipes With Ground Beef

ground beef recipes

Do you love our premium Grass Fed Lean Ground Beef made from steer born and raised in the rolling hills of Ontario!? Well, if you already love it, then you’re about to fall in deeper, AND if you haven’t tried it yet - these recipes are sure to win over your heart!

Here are 4 delicious & unique recipes you need to try for dinner using our Grass Fed Lean Ground Beef:

Kung Pao Sloppy Joes

The mouth-watering flavours of Chinese takeout with the fun of a sloppy joe.

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Mexican Lasagna

A ridiculously tasty combination of tacos and lasagna – two of the greatest comfort foods.

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Gyro Burgers With Tahini Sauce

Give burger night a much-needed update with some Mediterranean flavour.

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Ground Beef Wellington

Serve on your fanciest dinnerware. (Impressions of Gordon Ramsay mandatory while serving.)

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Mouth watering yet? Don’t wait, place your order today, get delivery to your door, and start cooking!

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