The Best Corporate Gift You Could Possibly Give

It’s time to step up your gifting game.

Every holiday season, it’s the same. Generic edible arrangements. Baskets filled with tiny “fancy” cheeses and miniature spreads that take more work to unwrap than they are worth. A bottle of wine from a winery no one has ever heard of. Or even worse: a prepaid Visa gift card. Nothing says “I don’t really know or value you as a person” like the same boring corporate gifts your team or customers receive every single year.

This year, it’s time to do better.

It’s time to give your team or your clients something that says “hey, I see how hard you worked this year. You are awesome.”

It’s time to give the best corporate gift you could possibly give.

A Farm 2 Fork Gift Card.

Let them choose their own choice cut, and they’ll think of you in gratitude when they devour every delicious bite. Since there are no subscriptions to worry about, they will get the gift of premium meat and seafood, delivered right to their door, exactly when they want it.

Unique: stands out in a sea of impersonal gift baskets and arrangements

Convenient: online ordering and no subscriptions makes everything easy

Thoughtful: allow them to treat themselves to something they can’t get at the grocery store

So what do you say when you send this amazing gift?

To your hardworking managers:

We steak our reputation on being the best – and that wouldn’t be possible without your hard work this year. So enjoy a steak (or whatever other meat or seafood you want) on us.

You’ve had a lot on your plate this year. We wanted to add more to it. Enjoy!

To your dedicated team members:

We aren’t too chicken to say that we wouldn’t have been able to survive this year without you. So from our table to yours: happy holidays!

Having you on the team has made this year better. Your work ethic has been im-pork-able. We hope you’ll enjoy a holiday feast, on us!

To your favourite client:

Your business has meant the world to us this year. Until we “meat” again, enjoy something delicious on us.  

Make no mis-steak – your business is extremely valued. Enjoy something delicious as a token of our gratitude.

Corporate gifts don't have to be boring.

Give the perfect gift this holiday season - the gift of delicious.

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