Dinner Recipe Ideas With Pork, Bison, And Bone Marrow

If someone asking, “what’s for dinner?” just makes you want to crawl into a hole, you probably experiencing dinner fatigue (to use the highly technical medical term). All the time you spend at home can zap your dinner inspiration and make you contemplate reheating leftovers once again.

Ready to revive your dinner? Check out our tasty bison, pork, and bone marrow recipes below you'll surely love!

Delicious Bison Recipes

If you haven’t tried bison, you’re missing out. Bison meat is:

  • Hearty and savory
  • Has a slightly sweet aftertaste
  • Has a satisfying earthy flavour

It is also leaner than beef, packing fewer calories than its red meat cousin – perfect for the health-conscious carnivore! 

Ready to get cooking? Try these bison recipes:

Bison Steak With Fig Balsamic Sauce

A simple dish that lets the complex flavours of the meat shine.

Pan-Seared Bison Tenderloin With Herb Butter

Elegant and luxurious, with hardly any effort. 

Restaurant-Worthy Bone Marrow Recipes

You have probably seen bone marrow on the menu at a high-end steakhouse, which might give you the (mistaken!) impression that it is a complex item to work with. However, bone marrow is easy to work with at home!

Here are some of our favorite Bone Marrow recipes:

Roasted Bone Marrow

A classic and sophisticated treat.

Garlicky Marrow Bruschetta

A delicious twist on a family favourite appetizer.

Ground Pork Substitution Recipes

Pork packs a deliciously comforting and versatile flavour yet is consistently overlooked and underutilized. Use ground pork to create some new favourites out of standard recipes. Making dinner exciting again can be as simple as an ingredient switch! 

Ready for some delicious recipes using pork? Try these:

Spicy Asian Pork Burgers

Asian infused flavours and a kick of heat will make burger night fun again!

Mexican Meatballs

Why relegate Mexican flavours to tacos? Add some flair to a classic recipe.

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