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How to Make the Most of Ground Pork

How to Make the Most of Ground Pork

Instant Pot Ground Pork Vindaloo

Do you like spicy food and saving time? This dish is for you.

Vindaloo originated in Portugal in the 15th century. The dish was later brought to Goa, a southwestern state on the coast of India, where it was re-created with local ingredients and spices.

This quick and delicious version of vindaloo uses an Instant Pot to infuse rich flavours in a fraction of the time. Serve it with a side of naan bread, basmati rice, or in a wrap for a perfect weeknight meal.

Mini Swedish Meatballs

Everyone knows that you go to IKEA for the meatballs. Now you can enjoy your favourite meal without being tempted to renovate your entire house.

For this dish, you’ll need ground pork and ground beef - we recommend using high quality ground beef to make sure you’re getting the best taste possible.

Try pairing your meatballs with mashed potatoes for a truly hearty meal.

Pork Dumplings

You know those nights when you want something delicious, but you don’t want to put in too much effort and you’ve talked yourself out of ordering take-out (again)?

Enter these pork dumplings.

The only complicated part about this fan-favourite meal is the folding and pleating, but you’ll love making them so much that you’ll have tons of practice.

Pork Burgers


Everyone loves burgers. Or more accurately, everyone loves good burgers. There’s nothing worse than biting into a piece of meat sandwiched between buns and your favourite toppings only to be disappointed.

That won’t happen with these pork burgers. You can add your own seasonings and make them as thick as you want. Making them with pork gives them an unexpected burst of flavour if your taste buds have been begging you for a change of pace.

Ground Pork Bolognese

Sundays are for spaghetti dinners. Whether you prefer it with meatballs or bolognese, you can make your preferred protein with ground pork for a different flavour profile.

Making your own bolognese means that you can add any extra ingredients that you want to suit your tastes. Once you try making your own, you’ll never be able to go back to store bought sauces again.

You can follow all of the recipes to the T, but high quality pork is the key to success.

Experience the difference for yourself with Farm 2 Fork ground pork.

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