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BBQ Once, Eat Twice

BBQ Once, Eat Twice

With warm summer days fast approaching looking to make the most of the BBQ season is a great time of year, to keep meals, simple and tasty, all while eating good food. BBQ's offer up so many options when it comes to eating at this time of year. Although I love good food, the idea of cooking every evening can be tiring, so I often work with the concept of grilling once, eat twice especially when the weather heats up. There are three different ways that  I put this into action.  

There is I love nothing more in the summer than a good steak, with home fries and grilled veggies, however, I will often double up on portions to have leftovers that can be used in variety of ways. This saves me time and energy during a busy week. Let's look at the different ways you can make this happen.  

When juggling work and family life, keeping things nice and simple during those busy days is a priority.  So, a grilled steak and veggies tend to be my go-to during the week, as the prep is a few minutes of washing and chopping veggies, adding a few spices or herbs, and then putting everything on the BBQ to create a one-grill dish. However, to make the most out of these meals I will often double up on the quantities. I will use these leftovers by cutting the steak into slices, adding the grilled vegetables to a bag of spinach (or your green of choice), adding simple dressing and I have a fast food dinner, ready in minutes (even Uber isn't that quick!) and its way cheaper, tastier and better for us. A win-win on all accounts.  

Don't put away your slow cooker; although you may think of only using it during the winter, using your slow cooker when things warm up is just as helpful. When we hit those hot humid days in the summer, when will still want to eat well but don't want to be standing in front of a hot stove, slow cookers are the way to go. And again, I will double up the quantities, so that I have another meal ready on stand-by during the week. 

Using skewers is another great idea for working the doubling concept, as leftovers can easily be used in a lunch box, making for great finger foods for kids' lunches at summer camps the next day, or tasty office lunches. 

If I happen to have any leftover burgers (which rarely happens) I will break the burger up and add the meat to a salad or use it in tacos. As with any BBQ ideas, we can easily swap out meat for fish, if you are looking for a lighter option.  

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 -Susan Alsembach RHN

Susan is originally from Switzerland where she met her Canadian husband whilst working at a global agribusiness company in Geneva. She then studied at the University of Brighton (U.K.) where she received her Nursing Diploma. When their daughter was diagnosed as being gluten and dairy intolerant, Susan decided to take a new approach to health and trained as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, with the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, where she graduated in 2016.

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