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4 Unique Easter Traditions To Start With Your Family

4 Unique Easter Traditions To Start With Your Family

Who says traditions have to be traditional?

This year, make your Easter celebrations stand out with fun and exciting traditions!

Change up your Easter recipes

A traditional Easter dinner features any number of mouthwatering main courses: juicy turkey, succulent ham, or tender lamb. This year, bring a unique twist to your favourite traditional dishes.

Instead of your usual turkey or chicken recipe, why not try this glazed beauty? You could also kick things up a notch with a delicious sweet-and-spicy poultry dish.

You can also embrace the springtime charm of lamb. Try preparing it using the sous vide method for a complex, developed flavour and fork-tender finish.

Egg your neighbours

It’s not what you think! (But it’s easier than you think, too!)

Spread happiness this spring by leaving a basket of Easter goodies at your neighbours’ door.

  • Prepare your basket with an attached note telling your neighbour “You’ve Been Egged!” and that they can play along by putting a basket of treats at another house with the same note.
  • Sneak up to the front door, place your basket, and ring the doorbell.
  • Then, run and let your neighbours try to figure out who “egged” them!

Plant a jellybean garden

We all know about magic beans, right?

Well, your kids will love it when the Easter bunny leaves a small container of magic jelly beans on the doorstep for them to discover a few days before Easter.

Make sure you plant them properly! Take them out to the yard and make sure you bury them somewhere the Easter bunny will be able to find: after all, you can water them all you want, but it takes the magic watering from the Easter bunny for those beans to grow!

Sometime before your family wakes up on Easter morning, make sure the magic jelly beans have blossomed into flowers. They’ll look a little bit like marshmallow bunnies or birds on a stick, maybe with a ribbon tied beneath them, poking out of the ground where you planted your jellybeans.

Make a time machine

Each year, take one of those plastic eggs you find everywhere at Easter, and have everyone in your family write a letter to themselves. Tuck the note into the plastic egg and store it away with your Easter decorations. Every year, you can add a new egg to your time machine and enjoy looking back at all the memories from previous Easters.

Dying eggs, eating chocolate, and hunting for candy are all great Easter traditions. Adding in a new tradition keeps Easter fun and exciting for years to come!

The best tradition? Easter Dinner.

Make this decadent cut of lamb the star of your Easter dinner. Raised humanely from Sungold in Alberta, this beauty is Canadian and verified sustainable.

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