4 Fun Winter Holiday Traditions to Start This Year

The winter holidays may look a little different this year.

Let's embrace the differences! This is the perfect year to start fun winter holiday traditions and end this year on a positive note. 

Kids in the Kitchen

2021 has been a mess all around - why not embrace the mess in the kitchen, too? And what kid doesn't love getting messy?!

Get them involved in some low-stakes recipes (so they don't inadvertently ruin your holiday meal...), like making the stuffing for the bird. This recipe is perfect for younger kids.

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The candy cane hunt

Grab a festive sweater, throw on some carols, and take a page out of the Easter Bunny's book with a candy cane hunt! You'll enjoy hiding them just as much as your family will enjoy hunting for them. And, unlike eggs, candy canes have that special hooked shape, meaning your hiding places can get more creative and more elaborate as time goes on!

Get Crafty

There are plenty of holiday craft ideas, but why not mark the year of hand-washing with a handprint craft? Create your own tree with handprints from everyone in the family, or cut out multiple handprints to make a fun holiday wreath.

Take A Neighbourhood Tour

Bundle up in your winter gear and walk off all those holiday treats by enjoying the festive light displays outside! If you've got little ones with you or just prefer staying warm, fill your favourite travel mug with hot chocolate and drive around to see the different light shows.

With a few fun winter holiday traditions up your sleeve, the year can end on a high note.

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