Marinated Sampler Variety Pack

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Treat your future self to an easy and delicious weeknight meal solution.

The Marinated Sampler Variety Pack has five mouthwatering dinner options. Get premium cuts of RWA Ontario grown air-chilled chicken, Canadian RWA pork, and AAA Canadian aged 28 days beef slathered in flavourful marinades.

Your next easy and impressive meal could be:

  • Light and delicious Mediterranean chicken breasts
  • Bold Caribbean jerk chicken thighs
  • Bright and citrusy lemon flattened Cornish game hen
  • Rich, beefy coffee black pepper flank steaks
  • Smokey and savoury Alabama back ribs

The only thing between you and a perfectly-seasoned meal is a quick trip to the freezer to grab the conveniently sized, pre-marinated package.

Perfect for: those nights when you’d rather cry than come up with yet another meal idea for your hungry and tired family.

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  • 8 RWA boneless skinless Mediterranean chicken breasts 170 g (6 oz) per breast
  • 3 lbs RWA boneless skinless Caribbean jerk thighs 1.36 kg (3 lbs)
  • 2 RWA citrus lemon flattened cornish game hen 1.13 kg (2.5 lbs)
  • 2 AAA aged 28 days coffee black pepper flank steaks 680 g (24 oz) per steak
  • 2 slabs of smokey Alabama back ribs 560 g (19.7 oz) per rack

*Weights may vary
*Flank steak marinade contains mustard


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