Angus Burgers

10 Burgers


These delicious patties will make you want to BBQ in all kinds of weather! Pasture-raised lean ground beef is perfectly formed into juicy burgers, ready for flipping at a moment’s notice.

Perfect for: Solving the “what do you want for dinner” debate in two seconds or less.

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  • 10 burgers
  • 170 g (6 oz) per burger
  • All Farm2Fork burgers are ground fresh to order using only whole muscle pieces without any fillers or additives and always handmade.

*Weights may vary

*IQF not individually vacuum sealed

*Best cooked from frozen


  1. Sylvie P.

    I’ve ordered several times from Farm2Fork. They are efficient and on time with their orders. Very attentive staff and conveniently delivered to my porch. I’ve ordered the Angus burgers, the filet mignon and the chicken breasts. All were delicious! I highly recommend them!

  2. Mark L.

    Farm 2 Fork’s product is incredible and their service is top notch. I used to buy a large prime rib from Costco and cut/package my own steaks. I didn’t know what I was missing until I had some steaks from Farm 2 Fork. Their ribbeye steaks have much more fat marbling and are much more flavorful that the Costco one. Don’t believe me? Try a few, you will never look back and the price is better than your local grocery store. I highly recommend their Angus and Wagyu burgers as well. I’ve tried both and they are equally delicious. I’ll be using their patties every time we do burgers from here on out. Ordering food is simple, delivery is on time, and the CEO (who actually delivered my orders) is friendly and knowledgeable (gave me great advice for some Wagyu tenderloin steaks). This business is a 10 of 10 for quality, value, overall consumer experience.

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